THE WORLD AFTER game premieres at Fur Reality 2017


THE WORLD AFTER game premieres at Fur Reality 2017


Debuting at the “Fur Reality” convention this weekend in Blue Ash Ohio is the exciting tabletop game “THE WORLD AFTER”! Fitting in with the post-apocalyptic theme of the convention’s fifth year, “The World After” is a co-opertative strategy game where players work together to repair and rebuild several buildings and roads in a city amidst the rampages of various enemies who seem to emerge from the sewers to steal your resources and attack players. The game is created by Ringtail Cafe Productions LLC of Cincinnati, Ohio, and they create a new game every year as a tie-in release for the Fur Reality convention.

Fur Reality runs October 6th through the 8th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Blue Ash, Ohio! Fur Reality is an immersive anthropomorphic convention, with plenty of fun activities for all ages. There is a storyline running throughout the show and attendees can participate in the story in several ways and help defeat the villain of the year. This year’s theme is the post-apocalypse, using the subtitle “THE WORLD AFTER”! As with every year, a brand-new tabletop game premieres at the convention fitting in with the theme! There is so much to do at the show, for a variety of ages, from seeing vendors, playing games, eating food, and picking from over 200 hours of programming of workshops, panels and more! The website for more information can be found at

Ringtail Cafe Productions LLC is a publisher of both comic books and games, and has been seen around the Cincinnati regional area at various events with their mascot “Yuck the Tofu Puppy” from their all-ages comic series about creatures made from candy called “The Confectionaries”. Their other comic titles include the paranormal investigation series called “Starfire Agency”, a series about extra-ordinarily powered thieves called “Void Protocol”, and their flagship title about a secret organization masquerading as a coffee shop called “Ringtail Cafe”. Among their half dozen available games, their most recent release was “Cryptid Codex”, a humorous card-based game about capturing monsters. Their website can be seen at


Scott Simmons