2017 Cincinnati Comic Expo Panel!


2017 Cincinnati Comic Expo Panel!

This upcoming Friday (Sept 22 at 7pm) during the Cincinnati Comic Expo, Ringtail Cafe will be talking about the process of creating comic books! This is a great chance to hear from a regional publisher and a couple of the artists working for them, and ask questions about any stage of the creative process, from concept and writing, to drawing and coloring, lettering and publishing. This is also the day that Cindy Ramey (Starfire Agency, Night Shift, HellKats, Ringtail Cafe) will be joining us! This is a special appearance at the show for Cindy and we are very excited that she is coming up to be a part of this fun and engaging panel! Stick around after the panel for some free items!

As always, we have a booth at this fantastic convention! We will be at Booth #128. We’ll have copies of the brand-new issue of The Confectionaries #3 and you can get it signed by writer Darren Mueller, penciler Sal Hernandez… and inker Scott D.M. Simmons— who is no-so coincidentally is our booth neighbor. And while you are there, make sure you pick up your FREE poster with art of both Cryptid Codex and The Confectionaries on it! Plus, Yuck the Tofu Puppy will be around to say hi and to get photos with you!

Get your information about the Cincinnati Comic Expo here! http://www.cincinnaticomicexpo.com


Scott Simmons