Void Protocol #2


The second Issue of the Void Protocol Series.

Everyone tries to get a leg up in the world. Whether its to support their family, get that new shiny bauble they want or just to live everyone wants nothing more than to try and enrich themselves with the skills that they have.

For some that boost comes in the form of extra-ordinary abilities, often times not strong enough to warrant calling them superpowers but unique enough to set them apart from others.

For three of those gifted they have decided to put those powers where they can best be used, choosing a life of crime where their abilities combined with training allow them to create a small -but lucrative- life for themselves outside of the law.

However, the world is not content to just let people like that have abilities without exploiting them and soon they’ll find themselves in an insidious plot to have their gifts used without their knowledge or consent by those looking to get a leg up in the world themselves.

24 pages

Writer: Serathin Sabertooth
Artist: Croft

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