The Confectionaries: Holiday!


A fun side story, taking place on Christmas Eve. A spell has gone awry and brought a batch of Gingerbread Men to life. The problem? They’re EVIL and want to take over the world! (But first, the kitchen.) It’s up to the intrepid young Confectionaries, and a heroic cookie who has not fallen to the lure of evil.


The Confectionaries
Long ago a wizard created magical creatures made of candy. Left all on their own these candy characters soon find that the world is stranger than they imagined, and they may not be alone after all!

The Confectionaries follows the adventures of two children who discover the castle, and the new friends who live there.

An all new, all ages series of graphic novels. The Confectionaries is full of magic, mystery and adventure!

27 pages

Writer Darren Mueller
Artist Sal Hernandez

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