Ringtail Cafe Issue #8


Issue #8 of the Ringtail Cafe Series.

The world of Ringtail Cafe is populated by several secret organizations, each of whom has a different agenda. Some are there to protect us, some wish to control us and still others remain clouded in mystery.

Jake is the technical side of Ringtail Cafe. He manages the computers and equipment that allow the agents to do their job.

Hacker, Geek, Gamer. It would be easy to try and sum up the red panda so easily, but Jake has both a kind streak and a mischevious one.

Aided by his robotic buddy “M.E.N.U.” that Jake built, he does his best to keep the team on the cutting edge, while they are busy cutting the budget.

Writer: Darren Mueller
Artwork: Cindy Ramey
Storyboards: Sal Hernandez
Colors: Amy Bandt

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