Ringtail Cafe Issue #6 (Next up to Bat!)


Issue #6 of the Ringtail Cafe Series.
Jaime and Adam take a few young friends to a baseball game, where NEXT goons interrupt the fun.


Ringtail Cafe
Imagine that there are secret organizations, controlling society from behind the scenes. Now imagine that they have no clue what they are doing.

Ringtail Cafe is a series about a secret organization, housed in a coffee shop. They face off against the “League of Villainous Evil” (L.o.V.E.) a collection of largely minor villains held together by a steadily declining dental plan.

The series is full of snark, comedy, innuendo and secret societies. If you have a quirky sense of humor then this is the series for you.

23 pages

Story Darren Mueller
Script Elizabeth Stein
Storyboard Sal Hernandez
Artist Cindy Ramey
Lettering Brant Fowler

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