Dice Quest: Space


A cooperative tabletop game.

1 – 4 Players

45 min +

Dice Quest is a cooperative tabletop game that is part card game, part role-playing adventure.

You take control of one of the hero characters. As you gain experience, the heroes level up gaining new abilities. Work together to make the most of your combined abilities.

Further customize your character by completing quests in the game and gain powerful new abilities.

Receive loot from toppling enemies to enhance your character further. No two play throughs are ever the same!

Beware however, as you grow more powerful so too do the enemies you encounter. The stronger you are the more enemies you will face and the more devastating the bosses become!

Dice Quest can be played with as few, or as many players as you like. It can even be played solo. The game scales its difficulty to match the number of players.

Gather your party. Save the Universe. Complete the Quest.

A game by Darren Mueller & Sal Hernandez

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