tak_1_coverThe case files of Trent Aramis Knightly, of Knightly Nightly a down on its luck detective agency. Trent is a wolf who knows how to get things done. Combing the underbelly of the city for clues, he works hard to get paid. He’ll do whatever it takes to get paid. He really, really needs to get paid.

Mixing the same kind of snarky humor that is at home in the series Ringtail Cafe, the case files of Trent Aramis Knightly harkens back to the old detective serial comics and follows the case files of the poor unfortunate fellow who gets caught up in others’ lives all too often.

T.A.K. Issue 1

For the first time ever, the oldest project that Ringtail Cafe ever worked on is collected. Nostalgia at its best!