Dice Quest: Space


1-4 Players

45 Mins +

Welcome to the world of Dice Quest

Dice Quest is a cooperative tabletop game that’s part card game, part role-playing adventure.

You take control of one of the hero characters.  As you gain experience, the heroes level up gaining new abilities.  Work together to make the most of your combined abilities.

Further customize your character by completing quests in the game and gaining powerful new abilities.

Receive loot from toppling enemies to enhance yourself further. No two play throughs are ever the same!

Beware however, as you grow more powerful so too do the enemies you encounter. The stronger you are the more enemies you will face and the more devastating the bosses become!

Dice Quest can be played with as few, or as many players as you like. It can even be played solo. The game scales its difficulty to match the number of players.

Cryptid Codex (First Edition)

Easy To Learn

2-6 Players

10-30 Mins

The search for the truth begins!

Crytpid Codex is an all new card game for 2 to 6 players. Use your skills and resources to hunt down and capture elusive creatures known as cryptids!

Find and capture vampires, Bandshees, werewolves, the loch Mess monster, aliens, bigfoot and more!

Beware, however, other players will try and keep you from being the one to capture monsters and grab the glory for themselves! There are also Hoax monsters that can ruin your day!

The game takes only minutes to learn and is suitable for both casual and competitive gamers!

Cryptid Codex got revamped! The original contained 72 cards and we’ve nearly doubled the size of the game!

A total of 42 monster cards and 84 capture cards, Cryptid Codex has been greatly expanded. More hilarity, more sarcasm, more sarcasm. (Yeah, we said it twice. There’s that much more of it.)


Role Playing Game.

Set in a post apocalyptic world, inspired by the insanity of Saturday morning cartoons Toonpocalypse is what is called a ‘rules-lite’ role playing game. The system is simplified and very flexible, putting an emphasis on fun over having tons of rules.

In this game, you can play anything you want. Really. Magical school girl princess? Sure. Overly affectionate wooly mammoth? Why not. Want to be a talking cheeseburger? That’s up to you!

You can be anything you want, and then use a simple ‘pick from a list’ system to select abilities for your characters, to make things balanced and give a bit of structure. On top of that, the game uses a hilarious ‘keyword’ system. Pick keywords for your character’s special abilities and if they match up to enemy ones you get bonuses!

Fighting a dragon? Sorry, nope, that’s a Sunshine Sparkle Dragon.

Found a weapon? That’s a Laser Puppy Cannon.

The keywords are all kinds of crazy, and you can add your own to make the game truly ridiculous. If you’ve ever been interested in roleplaying games but are put off by the huge number of rules most systems, then this is a perfect place to start.

If you’re an avid role player looking for something that is just crazy and hilarious, this promises to be a unique experience.


Party Game

8-26 Players

15-30 mins

Enter a futuristic utopia.  You are a citizen living an idyllic life among your fellow Cybrids when the entire world falls apart around you.  

A sinister force known only as The Machine has sent a wave of corrupting Drone programs to infiltrate your safe haven, absorbing you one by one. To save yourselves, you must deactivate the drones before all of you are assimilated.

Use intuition, items, special abilities and blind luck  to solve the mystery and save your peaceful city!

Assimilation is a party game for a  medium to large group of people.  

play as a citizen, drone, or  special character who can use special abilities to help or hinder the search.  Item cards add to the chaos and fun!

Each round you have a chance to find and eliminate the drones but be careful: you can eliminate normal citizens too!  If all the citizens are eliminated you lose. 

Accuse. Eliminate. Win.

Or face Assimilation.


Fast Paced

2-5 Players

20-45 Mins

Bones is a fast paced game with simple game play and lots of changing dynamics.

you play a Grim Reaper, and collect lost souls by helping them find the things that make them happy, but beware the villainous Bone Dog!

Choose a character to be your reaper, then collect and lay down your stash of Happiness Items and use them to entice other souls into your possession.  Souls also have special abilities that you can take advantage of to give yourself bonuses or to mess up your opponents!

Be the first to gather enough souls and you win!