Dice Quest Premieres in October! Plus, You Can Be in the Expansion Pack!

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Dice Quest Premieres in October! Plus, You Can Be…

DICE QUEST is the newest game coming up from Ringtail Cafe Productions LLC and it’s releasing this October! It’s probably our most ambitious game yet, and that’s saying a lot after The World After! Our new game Dice Quest features the artwork of five artists, Sal Hernandez, Kristin Waters, Cindy Ramey, DarkChibiShadow, and Scott D.M. Simmons, four of whom each take on a certain faction of the game!

Dice Quest is a 4 player cooperative game. The players take their band of adventurers through the various floors of the space station, defeating enemies, bosses and earning weapons, relics and the all important side quests, which offer even greater rewards! Each player has multiple dice and a unique set of skills that help them and their fellow players throughout the game!



On top of that, fans and gamers can actually BE A PART OF THE GAME! You can have your character appear in the expansion pack, and drawn by one of the talented artists from this exciting game!

A limited number of slots are available to allow you to show up as an Enemy Card, a Boss Card, or Player (set of 4 cards)! Each purchased slot comes with a copy of the game ($40 value)! Learn more here! http://ringtailcafe.com/gameych/




Dice Quest premieres at Fur Reality 2018 (happening October 11th through Oct 14th) at the Eastgate Holiday Inn in Cincinnati, Ohio! For tickets and more information about the show, which features a new and interactive theme every year, check out the website at http://www.furreality.org




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