Setup1Ringtail Cafe Productions LLC is a publishing company based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Started by Darren Mueller, and Sal Hernandez, the two person team has since grown into a full production company featuring several artists and writers.

Starting out with just one comic book title, and no previous experience in the world of creating comics, the group quickly grew in ambition and scope. Expanding to several more series, and into new areas of work, the company continued to grow.

For the past few years, Ringtail Cafe has also been producing tabletop games, including board games and card games. This is a fun and exciting area for the team to share our stories in the form of interactive games.

Ringtail Cafe always looks towards the future, seeking new ways to expand the enjoyment of comic books, games, books and graphic novels for the world. What started small has grown large in a short amount of time, and the future just keeps looking brighter.