We will be set up at AnthroCon in Pittsburgh PA from Thursday June 29th to Sunday July 2nd! Come see us in the Dealers Den at Tables C8-C10! Along with all of our fantastic comic book and merchandise offerings, we are also giving away FREE Fur Reality posters! We have tons of brand-new books available for purchase, including Void Protocol #1 and #2, Hellkats #4 and #5, Hellkats Volume #1, Ringtail Cafe #11, Ringtail Cafe Volume #2, as well as the remastered version of Ringtail Cafe #1 and Ringtail Cafe Volume #1. Artist Sal Hernandez (The Confectionaries, Ringtail Cafe) will be doing signings and also taking art commissions! And also, take advantage of a substantial deal with the Furry Mystery Box— where you get at least $40 worth of items for only $20! This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we have at the RTC booth! Lots of merchandise, including Fur Reality and Confectionaries t-shirts, and more comics! Hope to see you there!