Ringtail Cafe – RingTales #1

Ringtail Cafe – RingTales #1

Basic Description: RingTales is the Ringtail Cafe Anthology project. Our goal for RingTales #1 is to introduce the casual reader to the universe and the characters. The anthology will contain several stories between 4-8 pages in length, each featuring a character from the Ringtail Cafe Universe.

Submission Rules:

* All submissions must be between G and R rated.

* No Pornographic/extremely violent or hateful work.

* No inclusion of a participant’s personal character(s) is allowed without express permission of Ringtail Cafe Productions LLC. All material and characters must either draw from existing Ringtail Cafe characters, or be new creations which become the sole property of Ringtail Cafe Productions LLC.

* All participants must sign a contract and a nondisclosure agreement (this nondisclosure agreement states that participants may not share information about the series and/or future events in the series prior to any official statement from Ringtail Cafe Productions LLC). A full copy of the contract and nondisclosure agreement are available for download shortly.

* Characters may appear within multiple anthologies, but for the purpose of the book we ask that each story focus on a different character, or set of characters. (For example, Jaime may appear in multiple stories, but there would only be one “Jaime” story.)

Writers –

* Writers will be provided with a copy of the character bible and a basic list of what elements can and cannot be addressed (due to upcoming plot elements). They will then be allowed to send a pitch. If the pitch is accepted, the writer will be asked to do a more complete story outline. Any revisions will be suggested or made at this time and then the writers will work on their finished pieces.

* The format of a pitch: Pitches should consist of two elements – a one sentence “tagline” (think about the sort of thing you would see on the back of a book or on a movie poster) and a short (one to two paragraph) summary of the concept. Please also include a list of characters who will be in the story (in order of importance).

*Once pitches are accepted, writers will have a set amount of time (approximately one month) to provide a completed story. There will be two-week checkpoints where we will contact writers to determine the status of the stories. If a story is completed early, it can be submitted early to allow the artists more time.

* Payment for writers is based upon number of comic pages, rather than pages of text.

* If assistance is required for converting story form to script, please inform us at the beginning of the process so we can account for the extra time needed.

Artists –

* Submission of portfolios: Artists interested in working on this project should send us a copy of their portfolio. As we do not have time to look at every piece in someone’s gallery, we request that the portfolio be provided in one of these fashions:

1) An online portfolio and/or resume. (An FA, or DA account, or personal website is fine.)

2) Attached images in an email (.jpg format, 72 dpi or higher)

*We request that portolios include examples of the following: character design work (full body), expressions, sequential work (comic panels or sequences of artwork containing the same characters performing actions) and backgrounds.

* Artists will be provided with a copy of the character bible and the character model sheets. Artists can request to work with a particular story/character but all final decisions on projects will be made by the project managers.

* We request that artists provide initial sketches of the characters prior to assignment – this is just to get an idea of each artist’s style before we assign them to a story. If an artist is better at drawing reptiles, for example, they might wind up given a story with more reptillian characters and so forth.

* Upon being assigned to a story, artists may be given storyboards to work from. We require that artists do not deviate highly from these provided storyboards – especially in regards to number of pages. We need to maintain a certain page count for the finished book.

* Upon receiving their assignments, Artists will have two months to complete their pencilled pages.

* One month to complete inks on pencilled pages.

* Between one and three months to complete the colours on their pages.

Artists may commit to any level of art, from only pencils, all the way up to completely colored pages. However, we do ask that artists adhere to whatever commitment level they agree to.

Artists wishing to work in teams are acceptable, however all members of a team must agree to and be bound by the non disclosure agreements, and other terms. Ringtail Cafe Productions LLC reserves the right to decline additional artists, colorists, or writers working on a project. Agreed compensation is not altered by adding additional help.

* We will be doing bi-weekly (every other week) status checks with artists to ensure things are going smoothly. We request that artists provide a minimum of one progress report every two weeks (more is always better). If there are any issues, contact us as quickly as possible and we will work to resolve them.


Sept 25, 2011 – Writers may begin pitching their ideas and writing their stories

Oct 20, 2011 – Mid-way checkpoint for writers.

Nov 10, 2011 – Deadline for finalized story submissions

Nov 15, 2011 – Artists will receive their scripts (and possibly storyboards)

Dec 15, 2012 – Mid-way checkpoint for pencils

Jan 15, 2012 – Deadline for pencilled pages

Feb 15, 2012 – Mid-way checkpoint for inks (if relevant)

Mar 04, 2012 – Deadline for inked pages

At this point, artists doing coloring work will be asked to check in on progress every two weeks.

April, 2012 – Writers and Artists will receive information and promotional materials

June 21, 2012 – RingTales #1 Premieres at Anthrocon 2012


* Because payment rates will vary depending on the amount of work (for example page-rate for pencils and inks will not be the same as for just pencils, or for full colours), estimates will be given to each participant individually. As part of our nondisclosure agreement, we require that participants not share the amount they receive per page.

* Payment structure is as follows:

1) Writers are paid upon submission of a completed work, once the editing and revision process is done.

2) Artists are paid 25% of the total upon sending the initial designs/concept sketches. They will receive an additional 25% upon completion of half of the pages. The final 50% will be sent upon completion (to include editing and revisions) of all of the pages.

(The reasons artists receive a payment up front is to cover material costs.)


* We have a promotion schedule slated for this book beginning early next year. We will be providing participants who are interested in self-promoting with materials and information closer to the completion date. We request that participants please refrain from making detailed announcements about the project until we post that our final deadline has been met.

* All participants will receive 3 free copies of the completed book. Participants interested in the purchasing resale copies of the book themselves will receive a 30% discount on the cover price.

Withdrawal Clause:

* If a writer is unable to meet their deadline, there is no penalty. However, we appreciate being notified of this as soon as possible so we can find additional writers.

* For artists:

1) If artists have received the initial 25% payment, we require that all finished work and unfinished work is sent to us. This becomes property of Ringtail Cafe Productions LLC and we will not request further repayment.

2) If artists have received 50% of the payment and are unable to complete the project, they are required to repay half of the money given to them and to send all unfinished artwork. This becomes property of Ringtail Cafe Productions LLC and we will not request further repayment.

If there are any further questions, please contact us. More information will follow soon, regarding series bible, available characters, and so on.