Assimilation: Core Deck


Enter a futuristic utopia.  You are a citizen living an idyllic life among your fellow cybrids when the entire world falls apart around you.

A sinister force known only as The Machine has sent a wave of corrupting drone programs to infiltrate your safe haven, absorbing you one by one, to save yourself you must deactivate The Drones before all of you are assimilated.

Use intuition, items, special abilities and blind luck to solve the mystery and save your peaceful city!


Assimilation is a party game for a medium to large group of people.

Play as a citizen, drone, or special character who can use special abilities to help or hinder the search  Item cards add to the chaos and fun!

Each round you have a chance to find and eliminate the Drones but be careful you can eliminate normal citizens too!  If all the citizens are eliminated you lose.

Accuse.  Eliminate.  Win.



Assimilation is a complete game with enough components for up to 25 players. Additional decks are NOT required.

If you purchase the Assimilation Core Deck, you will receive the Exclusive Cards pack for FREE!

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