Livestream Policies:

I begin with a limited number of slots. Once these are filled, people are placed on a waiting list.


* Cost: Sketch requests are free.

* Order: Sketch requests are filled in first come/first serve order. HOWEVER: Paid commissions will take first priority.

* Requesting: Please have your request and character references ready when your name comes up on the list. If you do not have your request and references, you will be bumped down a slot.

* Limitations: Two character maximum for free sketches. Limit one free sketch per person.

* Revisions: No revisions for free sketches

* Waiting List Policy: If you are not present and responding within 3 minutes of your name coming up, you will be bumped to the next slot in the list. If you are bumped twice, you will go to the bottom of the list. (If you know you will be gone for part of the stream, please request to be moved down on the list. There is no penalty for this.)

* Upgrades: You may upgrade at any point during the livestream. By upgrading you will get the following: 1) Assurance that your piece will be worked on during the livestream, 2) the ability to add extra characters or make revisions (within the commission guidelines)

*You must also be a watcher on FA or Facebook.

Livestream Commissions:

Please note: Paid commissions get priority over free sketches.

*Cost: (includes 1 character)

Inked pieces start at $15 (Add $5 for each additional character)

Coloured pieces start at $25 (Add $10 for each additional character)

Icons – (500×500) $12

Badges – $20 (single character only)

Backgrounds – Varies (additional cost is based on time/complexity)

I also offer other types of commissions. All pricing is based on a completion time of approx 30 min to one hour. Highly detailed work or work with a background will cost more. Painting or complex colouring is charged by the hour

*Payment: Done through Paypal. All payments are in advance. If you wish to upgrade your art, you can send an additional payment at any point during your stream.