Dice Quest YCH

Dice Quest YCH

Have you ever wanted to be in a game? Now’s your chance!

The next game that will be coming out of Ringtail Cafe is opening up to that very opportunity. A limited number of slots are available to allow you to show up as an Enemy Card, a Boss Card, or Player (set of 4 cards.) Each purchased slot comes with a copy of the game ($40 value.)

Dice Quest is a 4 player cooperative game. The players take their band of adventurers through the various floors of the space station, defeating enemies, bosses and earning weapons, relics and the all important side quests, which offer even greater rewards! Each player has multiple dice and a unique set of skills that help them and their fellow players throughout the game.

If you purchase a boss or player slot, your character can show up as anything sci-fi appropriate. If you select the standard enemy you will be asked to pick from one of the 4 ‘factions’ in the game.

Latexians (Space Warriors of supreme caliber!)
Alien Space Creatures (Feral, monstrous creatures!)
Chrono Masters (High society time travelers!)
Space Babes (Leather/Spandex clad future-gear. Please note, space babes can be male, female or other, but are always referred to collectively as space babes!)

Enemy cards cost $125 for an appearance. Boss cards cost $150 and Player Sets (4 variations) cost $250.

Please note, that certain elements of the card designs (symbols, layout, placement, etc) are not finalized and may be changed before the final product.

Be sure to check the FAQ at the bottom of the page, as well as see sneak previews of other game cards from the core deck!

Work has begun on the cameo cards. Please keep an eye on your email in case references or additional information is needed!


Q: When does the game come out?
A: Mid October, 2018. The game will premier as Fur Reality’s game for the year.

Q: Do I have to attend the convention to get my copy of the game?
A: No, but if you do not you will need to pay for shipping.

Q: I actually get to be -in- the game?
A: The core game will be a self contained box, with everything needed to play. The set of cards being commissioned off are actually an add-on pack, which integrates seamlessly into the rest of the game. You receive both the core game and the expansion pack.

Q: Will the expansion pack be available to those outside this offer?
A: No! Though the core game will be produced in high quantities, this bonus pack is going to be extremely limited, with enough for those who purchased a slot and a handful of extras. If you don’t get it now, you’ll never get it!

Q: Can I buy more than one slot?
A: Yes, though you would have to pay for each one.

Q: Who is the artist?
A: There are 5 artists working on the game. Salmagundi, Foxifly, Aerokat, DarkChibiShadow and Scott DM Simmons.

Q: Do I get to pick which artist?
A: Sorry, but no. We cannot honor a request for specific artists, only specific sub-groups. The reason for this is we assign the cards to the artists based on time, schedule, production process, etc.

Q: What is the difference between an enemy, boss, and player?
A: Enemy cards are the most common type you will encounter. Therefore, they have the lowest odds of showing up during a game. There are a limited number of boss cards in the game, so your chances of appearing during gameplay is higher. Character cards are pre-selected at the beginning of the game and remain constant throughout. Enemy and Boss cards are a single piece of art. Player sets come with 4 variations of your art (slight color/pallet shifts for the costume or character, to represent 4 ‘levels’ of the character.)

Q: Will you ever do this again?
A: Possibly, but we don’t have plans to do so, so you probably don’t want to hesitate.

Q: What if you fill up on slots, will you open more?
A: No promises!

Q: What powers will my card get?
A: You’ll be assigned a random set of stats and abilities. We are avoiding promising specific abilities because we want to keep the game balanced and will have to spread things across the cards.