Q: What is Ringtail Cafe?

A: Ringtail Cafe is the name of a comic series, created by Ringtail Cafe Productions LLC, which is a comic book company. Sometimes, however the company is abbreviated to Ringtail Cafe, or RTC Productions, especially when referred to by third party sites and reviewers.


Q: So, you don’t sell coffee then?

A: No. We’re not actually a cafe.


Q: Are your books all ages appropriate?

A: Different comics, webcomics, graphic novels and so on have different ratings. Some are intended for a more mature audience (such as Hell Kats), but others are appropriate for all ages (such as The Confectionaries). When a book is all ages appropriate it is marked as such. We do however make a distinction between ‘all ages appropriate’ and ‘for kids’. Something that is all ages appropriate is fit for kids, but is intended to be enjoyable by people of any age.


Q: Where can I buy your products?

A: Ringtail Cafe books are available in some comic and book stores, we also sell them at conventions. However you are more likely to have luck clicking on our “Store” button in the menu above, to be taken to online stores where you can purchase our products. We do deal directly with comic shops, so be sure to ask for our titles!


Q: Do you have wholesale prices?

A: If you are a comic shop, distributor, or other form of retailer then wholesale prices are available. Simply email us to start the process.


Q: I have an idea for a story, can I submit it to you to get made into a comic?

A: No. First off, we fully encourage creativity, and hope that you continue to write. However, we do not accept unsolicited ideas for books, comics, or series. E-mails and posts of that nature are deleted without being read. There are several reasons for this. We have a substantial backlog of series already. We also do not wish people to think that an idea we already had in place, that might be similar to theirs was copied in any way. While it is true that we are hiring additional writers, there is a process that must be followed.


Q: Will you publish my book?

A: Ringtail Cafe is hard at work establishing a large customer base, setting up solicitations to be in comic book stores, and producing high quality books of our own. There are very specific parameters and requirements for that to come about. Simply having an idea is not enough. However, we are very friendly and enjoy sharing what we’ve learned with others, so if you have questions about how you might get started in the process, feel free to ask!


Q: I’m a penciler/inker/colorist/letterer/etc. Are you hiring?

A: The short answer is yes. However, we have very specific requirements for different books. The most critical of which, and applicable to all books is the ability to do consistant quality, in an expedient manner. If you happen to see us at a convention feel free to show us your work if you are looking for honest feedback and criticisms.

If you are interested in showing us your portfolio, visit us at a convention or send us an email.


Q: What conventions are you going to be at?

A: Click on the “Appearances” section above for a list of conventions, stores, and other events we will be at.


Q: So, you don’t sell coffee then?

A: No.


Q: Your webcomics are in color, are the printed versions?

A: Yes. Unless a book was created in black and white, it is printed in color.


Q: Can I send in Fanart, or Fanfiction?

A: First off, we love attention. If you send a piece of art to us (with the appropriate information. Artist name, contact email, etc. Remember, it has to be made by you!), there is a good chance we might put it up on our site. Fanfiction however, we don’t read. The reason is the same as above, as to why we do not accept unsolicited stories.


Q: Can I create a fan-site/shrine/site about one of your books?

A: That would be nice. However, we remind everyone that no art may be used from the books, site, or any other creation of Ringtail Cafe Productions LLC without express written permission. We are however creating a series of icons, logos and images that will be permitted for use on other sites. We also remind everyone that the proper copyrights must be in plain view.


Q: I have a news/review website, can I talk about your book?

A: Yes. We hope you have nice things to say, though! If you would actually like a chance to talk to us, via email, phone, skype, instant messenger, or other means simply contact us and we will arrange a time and date.


Q: Can I link to you?

A: Certainly. In the downloads page you will find icons and buttons that you may use.


Q: Will you link to me?

A: No. The primary reason for this is that since we do not control the site, we do not control the content of outside sites, so we can not be sure that it is never going to show something inappropriate for our site’s visitors.


Q: I did a review of your site/comic/strip, will you link to me?

A: Send us the link, and we’ll take a look. We may front page the review.


Q: Can I submit something for your compilation books?

A: No. The books are by invitation only.


Q: Can you teach me how to make comics?

A: Yes. We have a series of tutorials, and a book coming out that is about that very topic. Additionally, a number of schools have begun to create courses and lessons based on our tutorial-books, and we are working together with them to refine these programs. In addition to this, online classes are going to start soon! Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to find out more!