Cafe Quest-wip

Cafe Quest-wip

This page represents the amassed rules for the Cafe Quest card system.

Goal: To develop a card game system that is simple enough to explain to someone in under a minute, and flexible enough to work with any intellectual property.

Card Types

  • Characters
  • Locations
  • Quests
  • Events
  • Items
  • Abilities

Characters – The most centralized card of the game. All quests and actions are carried out by characters. Items and skill cards are also equipped onto characters. One character card may be put into play per location that you control, each turn.

(1) Card name. This identifies the card. Unless otherwise noted on the card, only one of any given character may be in play at a time.

(2) Card art. The picture representing the character, location, item, action, or skill.

(3) Card type. The card type determines how and when cards may be played.

(4) Alignment. Some cards are affected depending upon character alignment.

(5) Combat Stat. This number is used with dice to resolve combat.

(6) Life Stat. The amount of damage a character may take before being removed from play.

(7) Skill Stat. Used to help resolve quests. The skill stat also determines the maximum skill value of items a character may carry at any time.

(8) Card Abilities. The in game effects and bonuses the character receives, or bestows upon other cards or game play.

(9) Quote Text. This text has no effect in game, and is simply meant to add character to the cards.

(10) Artist Name. The name of the artist who provided the art for the card.

(11) Identifiers. The top number is used as a unique identifier for the card (for database/catalog purposes.) It has no effect on game play. The bottom number identifies the expansion pack the card comes from. It also has no effect on game play.

Locations -Locations are critical to game play. All actions within the game take place in locations, which requires location cards to be in play. Locations are


General Rules

– Resolving Combat

List of Abilities